Rule List

  1. Do not spam in any way.
  2. Do not put sexual, perverted, or inappropriate sprays, duplications, or videos.
  3. Do not annoy other players
  4. Weapons include anything that does damage
  5. Do not abuse any sort of bomb
  6. Do not threaten the server in any way
  7. You are given one warning. If you break a rule and have a warning you will be banned for two days
  8. Dont be a minge. No one likes it
  9. Use your common sense. Your a human you should know what breaking a rule is
  10. If you do not want to be killed type !build and you will be placed in build mode
  11. If you want to start killing people you MUST be in kill mode by typing !kill
  12. Do not attack or kill players while in build mode
  13. Do not teleport to someone to kill them
  14. If someone is breaking the rules and there are admins online type '@ (message)' to get an admin to you. Dont shout for the owner if there are admins on
  15. An admin does what they feel right in a situation. If you think what they are doing is wrong contact me
  16. If someone is breaking the rules and there are no staff members online use !votekick (player) (reason)
  17. Do not use votekick when a staff member is online
  18. Do not mess with other player's stuff. If they want it to be messed with they would ask you to
  19. Do not use loud/annoying sounds/noises on thrusters
  20. Do not play porn on any sort of media player
  21. If someone is speaking during one of your videos you are playing you are not allowed to kick, ban, or gag them. You can mute them by holding down the TAB key, clicking on their name, and clicking mute
  22. Dont advertise any server here
  23. Digital Gaming is only affiliated with Digital Gaming
  24. Purposely crashing the server is a permanent ban.
  25. Any staff ranking member must follow these rules too
  26. Do not disrespect people, no body likes it.
  27. Using ACF to remove or destroy props of someone not willing to fight is bannable.
  28. Do not be racist or sexist.
  29. Do not clip other acf objects inside eachother, (ammobox in your engine). Only minor clipping will be allowed.
  30. Unarmed aircraft are to not be engaged in combat with
  31. Grounded aircraft are to not be engaged in combat with
  32. Aircraft may not be used as kamikazi
  33. Aircraft may only fight aircraft, ground forces may only fight ground forces (subject to context)
  34. You must have a flag behind your aircraft to show you are peaceful, and do not want to be shot down by anti air
  35. Do not block a media player or stop someone from turning on or off a mediaplayer.
  36. Accidently crashing the server doesnt resolve in a punishment